Atten Shun!

Welcome to the Central Ontario Branch of the Western Front Association!

The purpose of the Western Front Association is to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of those, of both sides, who served their country in France and Flanders (Belgium) during the Great War. The WFA has about 6,000 members worldwide with branches in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United States.

We aim to meet four times a year – Newcastle Community Hall CLICK HERE or see HEADQUARTERS LINK ABOVE.

NEW – Identifying a Canadian soldier of WW1 at the upper right  Check it out!

GHQ FRANCE – A look back

The Secret World of Room 40

William A. Alldritt: POW in Germany

Ten months in a life, August 1914 – May 1915

Click picture – Wm Alldritt was one of 1500 Canadians captured at Ypres April 25, 1915


Andy Robertshaw visited on 23 October


How the Fall of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in WW1 still affects the Middle East

See audio link under the soldiers

Wait – Gunfire! Can it be the 43rd Battery CFA in Action? Click and find out!

Follow our Fearless Leader on FACEBOOK as he travels the Western Front.

The BBC produced a 26 episode series on the Great War Enjoy it here

Don’t forget latest items are at the Current Month Archive to the right.

Update – as of 6 January 2017

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  1. Bob Ross says:


    Some time ago I posted a note remarking that the link to the Youtube BBC series “The Great War 1964” didn’t work. This was corrected immediately and I have been working my way through this excellent series ever since. I have discovered that there has been some criticism of the series by historians but I find the original film footage and interviews with survivors fascinating. The series also makes very clear just how the armies ended up in a position where trench warfare was inevitable. Many thanks for this reference!!!
    Just a note – I’m sure this IWM site is well known but I pass it along anyway:

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