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  1. Chris Belfontaine says:

    Good day fellow COBWFA’s
    I have a question to ask about enlistment in the militia before the formation and recruitment began for the CEF. I have been working on my other Grandfather’s story with the CEF and I came across something in his first Attestation Paper that has me stumped. When he signed up with the 19th Battalion on November 10th here in Toronto, he claimed to already belong to the Active Militia but that is all.
    Is there anyway to check that out? It is my understanding that the Regular Force units in Canada were a separate entity before the creation of the CEF so their nominal rolls probably wouldn’t be included in the online records currently being produced by the Library and Archives people.
    Is it possible that as an untrained civilian he joined up during the initial rush in August 1914 but wouldn’t, for obvious reasons, have been included in the ranks with say the Q.O.R, in the First Contingent. Would he then have signed up with the 19th a couple of days after it began to recruit in November?
    Any suggestions about where to search would be greatly appreciated.
    Chris Belfontaine
    ps When’s our next meeting?

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