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Welcome to the Central Ontario Branch of the Western Front Association!

The Western Front Association perpetuates the memory, courage and comradeship of those, of both sides, who served their country in France and Flanders (Belgium) during the Great War. The WFA has about 6,000 members worldwide with branches in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United States. Our branch meets regularly in Newcastle, Ontario.

We aim to meet four times a year – Normally at the Newcastle Community Hall CLICK HERE or see HEADQUARTERS LINK ABOVE.


Check out our past Speakers – they are the top of their class

Tactical Communications – The “Fuller Phone”

Resistance: a Diary of the Armenian Genocide 1915-1922

This book is the only seven-year, primary source documentation of the Armenian Genocide and the beginning of the 1917 Russian Revolution written by a resistance fighter who kept a daily diary of the events he participated in or witnessed. It is a front-line report on the period from 1915, when Misak Seferian’s village, in historical Western Armenia, was invaded by the Ottoman Turks, to 1922 when he escaped from a Bolshevik prison.

Misak Seferian came to Canada in 1923 and immediately began to write from his notebooks. Hundreds of his articles were published in serial form in the Armenian edition of The Hairenik newspaper in the 1930s and early 1940s. This book is a translated and edited version of those writings.

The Allies sent the Dunsterforce to BAKU Azerbaijan in 1918. Read about it here. It included a large group of Canadian Veterans of the Western Front. Forty Canadians also served in a third Russian theatre. In the summer of 1918 they joined a British Mission known as “Dunsterforce” which occupied the Caspian port of Baku to protect the oil fields from the Turkish enemy.

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Read about Dunsterville and his men here. Lionel Dunsterville was Stalky of Kipling Fame.

 While 2017 is a big year for the memory of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, it was also the subject of a 1945 visit by Diane Johnson’s father, who was serving with the 5th Canadian Division during a visit to the Vimy Ridge Monument. A photo gallery of souvenir post cards follows. You see Canadian and German lines before the days of the modern monument. Click to advance the show of 20 images. Thanks Diane!!


Read on here

Private John Joseph Belfontaine 6 CMR Remembered

The War That Made the World We Live In


GHQ FRANCE – A look back

The Secret World of Room 40

William A. Alldritt: POW in Germany

Ten months in a life, August 1914 – May 1915

Click picture – Wm Alldritt was one of 1500 Canadians captured at Ypres April 25, 1915


Andy Robertshaw visited on 23 October


How the Fall of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) in WW1 still affects the Middle East

See audio link under the soldiers

Wait – Gunfire! Can it be the 43rd Battery CFA in Action? Click and find out!

Follow our Fearless Leader on FACEBOOK as he travels the Western Front.

The BBC produced a 26 episode series on the Great War Enjoy it here

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Update – as of 6 January 2017

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