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102nd anniversary of the Battle of The Canal du Nord

September 26-27 marked the 102nd anniversary of the battle of The Canal du Nord, which is often considered to have been the Canadian Corp’s greatest tactical achievement. The operation was a sophisticated combined-arms assault against a formidable position in which engineer, artillery and infantry units – including the 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) – were seamlessly integrated.

It is one of the 21 Battle Honours awarded to the 15th Battalion for its service during The Great War and one of the 10 emblazoned on the Colours of 48th Highlanders of Canada which perpetuates the 15th Battalion.

This video on The Canal du Nord is the third in a series of videos being produced by the 15th Battalion CEF Memorial Project to commemorate the battalion’s role in a number of the key battles of The Great War in which, as part of the Canadian Corps, the 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) was engaged. The programs acknowledge the sacrifice of those men of the battalion who fell during those battles and to whose memory we remain Faithful Forever