What was happening in the war by month? This table goes by month and picks up battles in the month and various ones in subsequent years after Mar

All items are referenced in the Official History of the Canadian Expeditionary Force

Nicholson, G. W. L. (1962). “The Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914–1919”. Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War. Ottawa: Queen’s Printer and Controller of Stationary.

Just open the CEF History link above and word search it for insight on what was going on – ie: searching for “Neuve Chapelle” guides you to Nicholson`s work.

“The Canadian role was in general defensive-the “cardinal principle” being “a determination to hold the front trenches at all costs”. General Alderson, however, impressed on all ranks the necessity for maintaining the initiative over the enemy, convincing him by means of “bold patrolling, persistent and accurate sniping and prompt enterprises against any sapheads…that the Canadian Division is his superior”.2 In the event of a German attack reserves would man the “G.H.Q. 2nd line”—a partly constructed position 2000 yards to the rear. For an uneventful week the Canadians accustomed themselves to the routine of trench warfare. Then, on 10 March, came, a more exciting role as the British front on their right flared into action.” – Nicholson, page, 50.