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Anti-Aircraft Searchlight Company 1919

From David Fuller – our intrepid Maple Leaf Editor

I have been researching my grandfather’s Anti-Aircraft Searchlight unit of the Canadian Engineers. Here is a photo taken in January 1919, probably in Bonn, but possibly Liege or Le Havre. Unfortunately, Cpl Bert Fuller is not among them, probably because his promotion to full Corporal didn’t come through until after this photo was taken.

I am going to write up the story at some point (if I can get to the research material, which is probably all in Ottawa). But I thought you might like it as a feature in the meantime. Below is a Google map of the various locations of the unit HQ from the time of its inception in June 1918 to the time it left France in February 1919. The war diary details where different crews were sent to work with the Royal Engineers at specific map coordinates around the area of the HQ.