Bertie Nackogie #1006931 (originally on COBWFA 2012)

Many of you know about Bob Richardo’s Blog and his efforts to find and document the final  resting spot of a World War One soldier and Cree native, Private Bertie Nackogie #1006931. The link to his blog is found below.

Bertie was an aboriginal who joined the 228th (Northern Fusiliers)   Battalion in July 20,1916 in Moose Factory, Ontario. He gave his occupation as “Guide and Hunter”, age 34 and next of kin as Annie Sedlion of Moose Factory.   The soldier did not get a chance to go with the 228th Battalion overseas as  he succumbed to pneumonia in Base Hospital, Toronto dying December 26, 1916.   His obituary from the Toronto Star was found by Bob`s friend Marika Pirie in the Star archives and sent in to Veterans Affairs Canada for his online memorial page at the Virtual War Memorial run by Veterans Affairs.

For the past 95 years his place of rest was officially considered unknown. He was in Prospect Cemetery,  Toronto, in an unmarked grave.

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