Etaples and the Canadian Base

This image shows you a map of the Etaples facilities. Its a WW1 era map found here.

Click to read about life in a life saving base.

Many Canadians were sent there for surgery/recovery. Many are still there.


Where were these locations?

It is quite possible to find them and a full map will emerge in the near future. What we do is as follows:

a. overlay the map on Google Earth

b. match it to period and existing features as best as possible

c. insert position icons which generate latitude and longitude points

d. extract these points to Memory Map

The Overlay Image  shows 26 General Hospital at the upper centre

Etaples 2

The Memory Map extraction below shows the near exact position of the 26th General Hospital and other features of the original image.

Etaples 1

This next image shows you most of the sites in the original sketch map above. It will open in a new window and you can zoom in. If you plan a trip to Etaples contact us in the comments below for GPS Coordinates. We give really good service if you are a registered member of The Central Ontario Branch of the Western Front Association.





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