Mapping Vimy Ridge Battle Site

14 April 2016

Out line of short paper on how the Vimy Map was made, to test the auto alert system for registered subscribers to www.cobwfa.ca

More to follow


  • Previously -Mapped outline of 2nd Ypres and the 16th Battalion at Vimy
    • Last year we mapped locations of the Canadian line positions at the spring 1915 at Neuve Chappele
  • Mining and the website book offer
    • Noted there were 13 tunnels with a walking tour
  • The 1st Army Maps
    • The 13 Tunnels re-appear
    • They also have the Engineer Dumps
    • The Camps of Vimy Ridge
  • Mapping the 13 Tunnels from Old to New
    • Tracked it via Ozie Explorer
      • Added coordination points from known map references from Great War Digital
      • Compared the Great War Digital locations to Ozie Explorer – found very significant correlation
      • Compared the tunnel exits general location with Nicholson Maps
    • How close is close enough?
      • If you were going to the general location – a smoke canister would be very close to the WW1 location in the modern map
    • The discovery of the GPX format
    • The discovery of GPX format used in Google Earth
  • Future work