Selected University Theses on WW1 and Canada

From Queen`s University in Kingston, Ontario

University Theses – Research papers at The National Archives

zzzzzzzzzzzzz! Whoops! You may have thought your intrepid web master was snoring away. Dreaming of his recently completed MA in War Studies at Royal Military College. Far from it my doubting friends ! That was the sound of him using a buzz saw on the National Archives to come up with some summer reading for  you on Canada and WW1.

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bullet Radley, Kenneth, 1943-. First Canadian Division, C.E.F., 1914-1918 [microform] : Ducimus (We lead) /
bullet McCulloch, Ian M., 1954-. The Fighting Seventh [microform] : the evolution & devolution of tactical command and control in a Canadian infantry brigade of the Great War
bullet Jenkins, Danny R., 1960-. Winning trench warfare [microform] : battlefield intelligence in the Canadian Corps, 1914-1918
bullet Rivard, Jeffrey R. (Jeffrey Ronald), 1973-. Bringing the boys home [microform]: a study of the Canadian demobilization policy after the First and Second World Wars
bullet Miller, Ian Hugh Maclean. ‘Our glory and our grief’ [microform] : Toronto and the Great War.
bullet Iarocci, Andrew, 1976-. The Mad Fourth [microform] : the 4th Canadian Infantry Battalion at war, 1914-1916
bullet Ellard, James, 1975-. From moribund to mobilized [microform] : the Lake Superior Regiment, 1920-1940
bullet Foyn, Sean Flynn, 1963-. The underside of glory [microform] : AfriCanadian enlistment in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 1914-1917
bullet Moss, Mark Howard, 1962-. Manliness and militarism [microform] : educating young men for war in the province of Ontario, 1867-1914.
bullet Prince, Robert S. (Robert Stanley), 1965-. The mythology of war [microform] : how the Canadian daily newspaper depicted the great war / by Robert S. Prince.