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YOUTUBE is full of WW1 original work like “The Battle of the Somme.

We monitor it 24 hours a day.

The War drew in millions of men in uniform. It also depended on Armies of Women to produce endless streams of everything. See what Youtube has on WW1 and Women.

A widely acknowledged leader in the WW1 film field of  was Geoffry Malins.

The pinnacle of the footage shot by Malins and his assistant John McDowell in 1916 is represented in the feature The Battle of the Somme. The huge success of the film led to the release of The Battle of the Ancre and the Advance of the Tanks but Malins’ work at the front was hampered by increasing ill health. He was invalided out of the army in June 1918. (from) Geoffrey Malins – Wikipedia

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Here is a Western Front Article that demonstrates their excellence.

“Crossing the Devastated Zone, 1917: Lessons and Consequences for the British Expeditionary Force by Rob Thompson”

The Youtube Search string runs 24 hours a day for anything linked to the Western Front Association – and the topics below.

Countries involved included the following. Click each one to see what YOUTUBE has picked up looking for “Country” “WW1”. Many searches are below. Perhaps you can suggest some of interest to all. Send suggestions to (clip and paste the address into your email.)

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Happy Hunting ! Remember you are looking for “Something” “WW1”, Something can be “Russian Artillery” but it has to be in quotes to get the most out of Youtube

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